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Ambria the Eyapi :iconanot-so-wiseowl:ANot-So-WiseOwl 4 0 OminousHowl Birthday Headshot Xynthii :iconanot-so-wiseowl:ANot-So-WiseOwl 3 2 Trade #1 for Creepychu :iconanot-so-wiseowl:ANot-So-WiseOwl 3 2 MYO Sharkinine Vidivia :iconanot-so-wiseowl:ANot-So-WiseOwl 1 2 {OPEN} REDUCED PRICE 10 Point MLP Adoptable! :iconanot-so-wiseowl:ANot-So-WiseOwl 3 2 {CLOSED} 120 Point MLP Adoptable! :iconanot-so-wiseowl:ANot-So-WiseOwl 1 13 Ponysona: Moondust River :iconanot-so-wiseowl:ANot-So-WiseOwl 2 0 BruisedPrincess Comm. :iconanot-so-wiseowl:ANot-So-WiseOwl 1 0 Blue Jasper :iconanot-so-wiseowl:ANot-So-WiseOwl 1 0 Winter-Sunflower's Jolleraptor :iconanot-so-wiseowl:ANot-So-WiseOwl 3 5 Flash MYO Kurion :iconanot-so-wiseowl:ANot-So-WiseOwl 6 6 Custom for BruisedPrincess :iconanot-so-wiseowl:ANot-So-WiseOwl 4 10 {CLOSED!} YKH Auction :iconanot-so-wiseowl:ANot-So-WiseOwl 3 2 WIP of YKH :iconanot-so-wiseowl:ANot-So-WiseOwl 2 0 Willow Vine :iconanot-so-wiseowl:ANot-So-WiseOwl 1 0 {CLOSED} 15 Point Hairdresser Pony Adoptable :iconanot-so-wiseowl:ANot-So-WiseOwl 2 16


Popular Species UFT:
Alright, so I am trading all these babes, but I have listed exactly what I want for them.~
Art-style doesn't matter, as long as you can do what I am asking for.
This isn't going to be first come first serve. I will pick when I feel like it.~
Looking for; one full-body of Ellysia.
Looking for; one half-body of Yardenah.
Looking for; one full-body of Kira.
Bottle Babes:
Looking for; two busts of Adelie and 
:icontwist3d-goddess:Twist3d-Goddess 6 55
Malthael x Quicksilver Kurion Litter :iconproudryukin13:ProudRyukin13 6 76
Offer on all my Characters [OPEN]
Well, I woke up not feeling great and feeling pretty blah so I thought I'd cheer myself up by doing this. I see a lot of people doing it and love browsing through the characters, whether I offer anything or not, so I figure I'd enjoy browsing through comments too, right?
Now, I do have a couple boring rules!
:bulletgreen: You can offer on every character (even NFT ones)
:bulletgreen: NFT characters are unlikely to leave me, so you'd have to be offering a dream design/species/etc/
:bulletgreen: Stuff in the UFT folder is easiest of course!
:bulletgreen: Link the character(s) you are offering for, not just their names, and specify if you link to a gallery, WHO IS OFF LIMITS
:bulletred: Do not be offended if I don't accept your offer
:bulletred: If you harrass me, I will block you and add you to my personal private blacklist.
:bulletred: Any attempt of theft on my characters will not be tolerated
I do also want to note that I have rights to make customs and adoptables in the follow
:iconkaeilia:Kaeilia 5 75
breedie 1 (PENDING) :iconk-ings:k-ings 42 24
Green X Reader - Rainy night
Green held you as you were crying. You had woken up crying at a horrible dream you had about him. He had just disappeared from the world. No one had heard about him and he was no where to be found. And since he was so popular it was quite shocking that no one would have not heard about him.
You were happy that he had spent the night now. At first you thought it was a little weird for him to spend the night but he was your boyfriend so you let him and now more than ever you were happy that he was here.
"(Name), I promise everything will be alright," he said trying to comfort you. But alas all his avails were in vain because nothing would probably make you stop crying for this you  were terrified that something might happen to Green.
"It's alright," he said trying to coax you down again.
"B-But you were gone. Just like that. No where to be found. I-I . . ." You begain or tried to at least because soon your sobs got harder and harder. And now taking those crying breaths.
:icontheravengirl95:TheRavenGirl95 340 56
Green X Reader - Issues (request)
His name was Green. Everyday, he would be swarmed by all of his fan girls, asking for autographs to hugs, whatever it was, it really annoyed you seeing your crush be flattered all the time. Although Green was your best friend, you could barely talk to him without getting interrupted by his fans. Ever since Green became the new Gym Leader in Viridian City, he's been getting nothing but attention. And you were getting jealous.
You weren't jealous of his fame; frankly, you were proud of him for achieving his goal. But what worried you the most was that he would forget about you, and not even talk to you. Worse yet, he would act more cocky than usual, like one of those film stars in the movies. You couldn't stand to see someone like Green do that. It just wasn't his type of style.
You're name was (Name). You liked Green. Sometimes, you thought you would even love him. But that wouldn't be possible; he didn't like you back, he'd never love you. You always thought about these feelings with a
:iconpoke-girl333:Poke-girl333 108 41
One More Step and You'll Fall (Green x Reader)
You sat on the couch with Green, flipping channels, unable to find something good to watch. Green snatched the remote from your hand and pressed the off button. You made your best pouty face at him.
“Hey Green! What was that for?” you complained. Green smirked at you.
“It’s obvious that you weren’t going to find something good to watch anytime soon, so I say we find something else useful to do,” Green said.
“And what idea do you have that’s better than mine?” you bantered. Green slid closer to you on the couch.
“Kiss me,” he replied back, cocky grin still showing. You blushed like crazy.
You had always had a crush on Green. His looks were beat by nobody, and he was your best friend. But you wanted more than that, and hoped he did too. But that didn’t change the fact Green absolutely loved to pick on you. He claimed your reactions were “cute,” and then patted you on the head. That’s what most of yo
:iconrhaynestorm:RhayneStorm 201 41
Found - Green x Reader {One-shot}
Your first Pokémon was a Vulpix.
It was almost natural for children, at the age of eleven and even younger, to obtain their first Pokémon and begin training them. For most, it was an odd thing if you didn’t own one, at least in your family as a pet.
That’s why—after your best friend Red and his rival, Green, were given their starter Pokémon the day they turned eleven—you swelled with jealousy and immediately set off after them in a angered haste to retrieve your own special partner.
Red had approached you in his quiet wake, but his dark eyes held something inexplicably fresh and new that stunned you into silence, along with his rare utterance,
“I’m leaving Pallet Town with Charmander.”
He stared at you, and you knew he implored you with a myriad of private, silent messages he only knew to convey to you. Almost the single, foremost person to understand everything those turbid crimson eyes desperately attempted to relay when his mo
:iconthedarkdrag0n:TheDarkDrag0n 115 11
Blue Oak X Reader: Pick-Up Lines
Sitting on your (fully evolved Kanto starter), you were waiting patiently for your boyfriend to finish his battle outside of his gym. Smiling like an idiot, you started thinking about your favourite spiky-haired brunet. Sure, the young gym leader was cocky, hot-headed, annoying and mean at some times, a pervert but with you, it’s like if he was under a spell. He would be kind, caring, overprotective, and quite the gentleman. Not to forget he was extremely smart, strong, talented, and handsome. What you loved the most about him was his gorgeous and charming smile.
The famous Blue Oak had two different kinds of smile. One that belonged to everyone, including his fangirls, and one that belonged to you and only you. The second smile expressed his eternal love for you. There was passion, lust, hope, concern, honesty and most of all, love.
You remembered the reason why he didn’t want you to wait for him by watching his match. He had told that he would be distracted if you were in
:iconlaurasanya:laurasanya 205 81
Trade-to-Adopt Dinokurion Twins 2 ~OPEN! :iconproudryukin13:ProudRyukin13 15 8 breedable adopts batch 3 (4/6) :iconcolourdropmlp:ColourDropMLP 17 11 Shy Curls - OTA - CLOSED :iconkatslovelyadopts:KatsLovelyAdopts 25 51
Reaper x Reader
You, Reaper, Junkrat, Lucio, Winston and Bastion were in charge of defending the point against McCree, Mercy, Mei, Zarya, Pharah and Zenyatta.
You were the only one on the point and the whole team was trying to kill you. You kept dodging there attacks but you couldn't hold out for much longer.
"I COULD REALLY USE SOME HELP HERE!!" You shouted and dodged a punch Zarya threw at you.
"I'm coming in." Reaper said
You started hearing music playing and you all paused what you were doing and looked around.
"What the hell?" McCree said
You all saw Reaper appear in the middle of the point.
"What are you doing?" You asked him and he turned and looked at you.
"Lucio turn it up!" Reaper shouted and the music blasted in. Reaper walked over to McCree and grabbed his hat as the song started. Bastion came out in his ult form and Reaper jumped on top of him.
It's all the same, only the names have changed
Everyday it seems we're wasting away
Another place were the faces are so cold
I drive all night jus
:iconbloodyangeljay:BloodyAngelJay 5 0
Mature content
Equilibrium (Neville Longbottom x Reader) :iconunluckyamulet:UnluckyAmulet 104 23
Draco Malfoy x Male!Gryffindor!Reader
There is a scene where I looked up the script, so please don’t yell at me for it. I warned you now, there is a scene with what was really said. I guess in a way it’s a bit copyrighted.
It’s your third year in Hogwarts, you were sorted into Gryffindor. You were a pureblood wizard. Your line of ancestors were all married to wizards or witches, It wasn’t because your family hated muggles, your ancestors just fell in love with their school crushes. You were close friends of the ‘Golden Trio’, and the Weasley Twins. You were known as the ‘Most Intellectual Male Student’ or the ‘Most Talented Male Student.’ and so much more. Basically, you were the nerd, who was every teacher’s pet.
You studied day and night, for fun and for the learning experience. Most of the school were surprised you weren’t a Ravenclaw. Yet, you stood up for yourself when someone tried to bring you down. You were often going to places others wouldn
:iconidcforusernames:IDCforusernames 116 8
hot chocolate. [m!reader x draco malfoy]
It was a quiet Sunday afternoon, [M/N] hummed to himself as he made a nice hot chocolate with foamy cream on top. Along with tiny marshmallows here and there. Despite Christmas being passed and over with, the snow around Hogwarts remained just as eagerly. [M/N] silently wrapped his Gryffindor scarf around him, as his nose felt utterly freezing.
He made his way down to the library, returned a book he’d had for a while, and then strolled to the Great Hall. Many people had returned home and elsewhere – he’d guessed it was for the Hogsmeade visit. His eyes travelled to the Slytherin table, where a rare sight sat in front of him.
His boyfriend, Draco Malfoy.
All by himself.
[M/N] grinned to himself, and strolled to the Slytherin table, ignoring the side glances and giggles he got from passing girls. He sat opposite of Malfoy, who blinked up from his book, and up at [M/N], who smiled.
Draco sighed, “Aren’t you supposed to be with your other Gryffindork fr
:iconravencaws:Ravencaws 213 8


So, I did move into my dad's house.  It's gone amazingly so far though!

This lifestyle change is exactly what I needed.  My self esteem and mental health have improved exponentially!

Thank you all for the support and kind comments, they mean the world to me!  =)


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